Jess Rona Grooming

Groomer Resources


The Many Faces of JRG 

Pet Parent Course – this course teaches pet owners how to maintain their dog between groomings

JRG Body Blueprint

JRG Business Magic (waitlist)


5 in 1 blade cordless clippers


Bravura Mini (for teeny tiny detail work)


Regular blade cordless clippers

Heineger Opal 

Andis Pulse ZR

Clipper Accessories 

Wahl clip-on comb attachments

Wahl 5 in 1 Fine Blade 


Harzly Curves – wonderful for outside eye corners, rounding bangs, feet and head shaping.

Harzly v10 Thinning Shears – create shape all over. Great for legs, ears, larger areas, & jawlines.

Utsumi Speedys – great for creating shape – wider teeth are less blendy.

Utsumi Jyo Straights – beautiful finish for all over.

Utsumi Super Curves – great for rounding feet and heads on larger dogs

Zolitta 7.5” Curved Chunkers – a more forgiving rounding shear

Dream shears are wonderful but they are hard to get. Here is their website


Utsumi 1/2 Moon Comb – I use this all over the dog. I use the fine part for around the mouth and face, and the wide part for the rest of the dog.

Zolitta XL Comb – the wide teeth are great for larger dogs or larger areas

Tiny K Pro Slicker Brush – this is great for every coat type. Really good for tiny areas like armpits, faces, feet & ears.

Chris Christensen Mark 7 Large Slicker

Chris Christensen Coral Brush – Great for thick doodle coats


Chris Christensen – Box Dryer  – has a dial for variable speed 

K9 Fluffer – has a dial for variable speed 

Duz Dryer – Super gentle and great for heat

ShernBao Stand Dryer 


Iv San Bernard 


Online Classes 

Bry Fretz Poodle Class 

Gabriel Feitosa 

Learn2GroomDogs – use code JESSR10 for $10 off your first month


Groom Haus

Favorite Groomers/Teachers

Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich [email protected]

Olga Zabilnskaya 

Jay Scruggs & Sue Zecco 

Lindsay Dicken 

Elizabeth Gibbs 

Jonathan David 

Shu & Tree IG and YouTube




Alpha Suction Cup – Use code Jess10 for 10% off

Alpha 15” loops – use code Jess10 for 10% off

Groomer’s Helper

Sunflower cone – this can be used with the groomers helper instead of a muzzle.

Affiliate codes

Harzly shears

Use code JESSRONA for 10% off

Utsumi shears 

Use code JESS for 10% off

Use code JESSR10 for $10 off your first month

Alpha Grooming Products: 

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